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Once you have made a trade finance transaction you will automatically have access to its details. Instead of contacting the branch you can go on-line and obtain details of the transaction. The following transactions details will be available:

  • Letter Of Credit Details (Sight & Usance)
  • Web LC/Amendment Detail
  • Payment Against Document(PAD) Details/Retire
  • Discrepant Documents - Details / Retire
  • Outstanding Discrepant Documents
  • Trust Receipt ( TR ) Details / Premature
  • Export Documents Purchased Under Sight LC Details
  • Export Documents Discounted Under Usance LC Detail
  • Export Documents Purchased Under Sight Collection
  • Export Documents For Collection ( FDBC ) Details
  • View Export LC Message Received
  • Acceptance Against Usance LC ( UPAD ) Details
  • Acceptance Against Collection Details
  • Letter Of Guarantee ( LG) Details

You do not have to subscribe to obtain these details. Once you have access to your account on-line you automatically have access to these details. Contact your branch if you have any questions.

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