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Please ensure that you bring all original documents.

  1. Your Original South African bar-coded identity document / valid passport (for Foreign nationals & Non-residents) or a certified copy of those of your guardian / curator (for minors, insolvents and legally incapacitated persons);
  2. For Non-residents, a work / study / temporary residence permit and contract with the relevant business / educational institute, or a Section 22, 24 or Department of Home Affairs refugee ID (plus a Declaration by Non Resident Opening Bank Accounts in South Africa); and an Introduction letter from your foreign bankers;
  3. A utility bill verifying your residential address, which is not older than 3 months and that of your guardian / curator (for minors and legally incapacitated persons);
  4. Letter of executorship and death certificate of the diseased (for Estate Late accounts); or a letter of curatorship (for Insolvents & legally incapacitated persons); or FIC Act Exemption 4 certificate (Declaration by Attorney Investing Funds on behalf of a Client);
  5. Completed W-8BEN form or W-9 form (for a US Citizens / Residents / Green Card Holders / US Tax payers);
  6. In case of having been born in the US or a US Territory, but believe that you are not a "U.S. Person" under U.S. tax principles supply a copy of your Certificate of Loss of Nationality, a W-8BEN form and a copy of your non-US passport.
  7. In case of other US indicia (US Telephone Number, U.S. Postal / E-mail Address), complete & sign a W-8BEN form & Non-US Passport / Residence / Study / Work Permit / Government Issued ID.
  8. South African Revenue Service document reflecting your South African income tax number (if registered);
  9. Specimen Signature Card (to be provided by the bank);
  10. Third party mandate for additional signatory(ies), if applicable;
  11. Original South African bar-coded identity document / valid passport of the additional signatory(ies) or a certified copy of his / her South African bar-coded identity document / valid passport;
  12. If third party signatory(ies) is / are a US person(s), account holder to complete W-8BEN from and provide Non-US passport / Residence / Study / Work Permit / Government Issued ID and
  13. Utility bill verifying the residential address of the additional signatory(ies), which is not older than 3 months.

For more information on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Common Reporting Standards (CRS) click here

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