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Products we offer
  • Murabaha
  • Diminishing Musharakah (3 to 5 years with a 35% contribution / down payment by the client towards the purchase price)
  • Letters of Guarantee
Products Explained

Product Explanation Used For
Murabaha (cost-plus) You purchase goods at a price that includes a profit margin agreed by you and HBZ Bank. The price, profit margin and other costs are all clearly stated at the time the deal is finalised.
Raw & finished goods.
Trade finance facility for importers and exporters.
Diminishing Musharakah The bank enters into an agreement or partnership for the purchase of a large asset. The terms of the agreement state that ownership of the asset will decrease on the part of the bank, and increase on your part - via share equity purchase hence the term, "diminishing partnership". Plant, machinery, motor vehicles, equipment, commercial vehicles, Property etc.

Please contact the Islamic Branch for the mark-ups applicable to the above products

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