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This service allows you to get SMS's sent to our designated mobile device when transactions occurring on your HBZBankweb account. You will have the choice of having SMS's for:

    Balance enquiry
  • Daily end of day balance
  • Debit or Credit balance over an amount you choose
  • Debit or Credit balance below an amount you choose
    Transaction inquiry
  • All transactions
  • All Debit or Credit transactions
  • Debit or Credit transactions over an amount you choose
  • Debit or Credit transactions below an amount you choose
    Other inquiries
  • Other bank's cleared cheques
  • Other bank's returned cheques
  • Your HBZ cleared cheques
  • Your HBZ returned cheques
  • PAD lodged

Notification when a log in is made onto your HBZBankweb

If you require notification when a log in has been made to your account, you can arrange this yourself. Subscribe to the SMS service then log on to the HBZBankweb and access the "Profile" option at the top of the home page of the HBZBankweb. On the Profile page tick the box marked "Send SMS on hPLUS web login". It is as easy as that.

If you are an existing HBZBankweb client then you need to apply for this new free service by downloading the form "HBZBankweb Internet application form for OTP and SMS services" and submitting it to your branch. Ensure it is signed by the authorised signatories. Contact your branch if you have any questions.

If you are a new client you would have complete the form as part of your account opening documentation and so will not have to subscribe separately.

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