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What sets Islamic Banking apart from conventional banking is an adherence to the principles of Shari'ah, which in simple terms means our Islamic Branch is not allowed to charge or pay interest on financing or deposits, or transact in investments or businesses involving alcohol, gambling or other Islamically unacceptable activities.

Conventional Banking Islamic Banking
  • Based on Interest
  • Deals in money or paper
  • Based on a fixed return for both deposits and lending
  • Does not involve itself in trade and business
  • Based on profit or rent
  • Deals in assets
  • Based on profit sharing or dividend for deposits and on profit or markup for lending
  • Actively participates in trade and production

Islamic Banking is available to any persons or businesses regardless of their religious beliefs.

Our Islamic Banking division is under the guidance of our Shari'ah Advisor. All documents have been reviewed and certified by the Darul Uloom Zakariyya as being in compliance with Shari'ah Laws and meet the requirements of Islamic Finance.

Please contact the Islamic Branch for more details.

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